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Managing and fostering innovation to convert groundbreaking basic research into advanced processes, leading to innovative products and helping industry and society prepare for the future.

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2016 Solar Visualised in Europe Award
CSEM photovoltaic facade winner of the “Beauty of Solar Power Europe” photo competition. At the 100 GW Celebration in Brussels (Belgium), Meyer Burger received the Solar Visualised in Europe Award from the European solar industry association SolarPower Europe for the CSEM solar facade project.
2016 Best Poster Award—Lukas Hofer
Lukas Hofer, a postdoc at CSEM’s Landquart center, won the prize for the best work in the natural sciences at the 5th Graubünden forscht—Young Scientists in Contest congress, at Davos, September 14‒15, 2016.
Nico de Rooij elected MNE Fellow 2016
Nico de Rooij’s election is recognition of his pioneering contributions in the fields of MEMS and sensor technology. Congratulations on being elected MNE Fellow 2016—a tremendous accomplishment.
2016 International Conference on Crystalline Silicon PV—Two Best Paper Awards
Two Best Paper Awards were presented to CSEM. The first recognized the center’s collaborative work with EPFL on the development of high-efficiency silicon heterojunction solar cells with molybdenum oxide hole collectors. The second was given for CSEM’s joint work with NREL, USA, on the development of silicon-based tandem cells with a record 29.8 percent one-sun efficiency.
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CSEM practices environmental, economic, and social sustainability: through projects that protect nature and its resources; through partnerships that increase profit and competitive advantage; and as an entrepreneur that enhances and takes care of its human capital.

Mario El-Khoury, CEO

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