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Whatever the challenge, whatever its size, whatever the industry—our advanced microtechnology platforms and highly qualified, experienced engineers are there to deliver beyond state-of-the-art solutions.

Solutions by area of expertise

Here are just a few of our areas of expertise. To see a full list, click the explore button below.

Microsystems design & process
Developing reliable MEMS products, from prototypes to small volume production. Focusing on macro-MEMS, soft-MEMS, harsh environment sensing, and MOEMS.
Microsystems integration & packaging
Developing new integration platforms and corresponding technologies for advanced packaging solutions and general MEMS assembly across a vast array of applications.
Nanosurface engineering
Developing solutions focused on material and surface sciences, structuring processes, and engineering, and on understanding physical, chemical, and biological surfaces.
Biosurface engineering
Development of cell-handling, sensors, and sample-handling platforms based on proprietary technologies, particularly using manufacturing processes suitable for upscaling.
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Solutions by industry

Here are just a few of the industries in which we operate. To see a full list, click the explore button below.

Aeronautics & transportation
Technologies that improve the safety, usability, and sustainability of transportation solutions.
Biotechnology & life sciences
Miniaturization, integration, and microengineering expertise to develop new devices, tools, and systems for toxicology, pharmacology, and diagnostics and assays.
Information & communication technologies
Hardware, software, and systems integration expertise for the next generation of connected applications—from wearables to aerospace.
Energy & building solutions
Extensive experience in combining PV and energy management to offer energy-efficient concepts and develop effective solutions for the building sector.
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CSEM—all of this and more.

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Portable device for fast detection of food contamination
Exactly how pure is Swiss milk?
The scientists at CSEM developed an integrated and automated solution for performing these tests.
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Laser shines on mechanical watchmaking
Grand Prix 2017 for the WisioScope product
A joint development from Witschi and CSEM for the EPHJ trade fair.
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Vision-in-Package System
A 'Golden Palm' for an intelligent camera from CSEM
The very small facial detection-and-recognition system developed by CSEM impressed the jury of the American magazine Vision System Design.
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A jewel in our crown!
A new digital solution that can count, measure and classify pearls. PearlScan was unveiled for the first time at the BaselWorld's 2017 jewellery show.
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SPLENDID, the wearable sensory eating tracker
Preventing obesity and eating disorders
New way of providing personalized behavioral guidance to children and young adults tackle eating disorders and the ongoing obesity epidemic thanks to a non-invasive, unobtrusive, and cost-efficient solution.
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